Retrofitting is a general terminology used for modernization of an existing machine in order to achieve better productivity and accuracy. This is an activity that is widely adopted all over the world so as to reduce the investment on capital with out compromising on the quality of job done. Many Organizations have adopted this cost-effective solution to their capital expenditure requirements. The work involves dismantling the old machines completely, turcite coating of guideways, scraping of the moving surfaces, design and manufacture of suitable mechanical brackets , (fixing of automatic turret and hydraulic chuck in case of turning machines) ,manufacture of electrical panel and interface of the CNC controls. This work can be done at Customers works or at our works which will be more effective. We have converted a wide range of conventional machines to CNC. These include VTL's, Heavy duty Lathes, Milling machine and horizontal borers. A variety of top level controllers have been fitted on our retrofits like Fanuc, Siemens, Fagor,GE-Mark I etc.

A look at Before & After will give you an idea about the kind of changes involved.